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PowerShip – Shipping Made Easy

The existing PaisaPay procedure requires sellers to manage the entire logistics experience. This involves choosing logistic service provider, negotiating commercials, shipping goods and ensuring delivery of products to buyers.

As a full-fledged seller, do you find it difficult managing these responsibilities without causing yourself too much stress?

My Image DescriptionWe are happy to bring to you the PowerShip program to ease your shipping experience and let you focus on other essentials that will help you grow your business on eBay India. With PowerShip, all you need to do is sign-up for the program, package the item in eBay packing material and hand over the package to the assigned Logistic Service Provider during Item Pick-up. All of this achieved through your eBay account, is what we call a Solution!

PowerShip includes Air mode, enabling quicker delivery of items to Buyers, Surface mode to manage volumetric and large size shipments and Cash On Delivery enabled through BlueDart in addition to Aramex for buyers who wish to pay for items on delivery. PowerShip sellers can avail special courier rates and ship to over 10,000 plus locations across 2500 cities and towns in India

By choosing to dispatch your order via Powership, you can benefit from:

Watch the powership video tutorial

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Step 1 – You sign-up for PowerShip by accepting the Terms & Conditions of the PowerShip Program. Once enabled, you will be able to offer PowerShip on either all your listings or just for certain listings. You will also be able to offer items through Cash On Delivery.

Step 2 – During checkout eBay will verify the PIN code serviceability and consequently allocate a Logistic Service Provider to service the order.

Step 3 – The transaction will appear in your PaisaPay account. PowerShip transaction will indicate the Logistic Service Provider assigned. When the package is ready to be delivered, click on ‘Mark Ready to Ship’. This will intimate the Logistic Service Provider to pick the item from the address indicated in the Registration section of your eBay account.

Step 4 – eBay will coordinate with the Logistic Service Provider to track the item. During pickup, LP will review the documents you need to provide which includes – Order Statement, Invoice, Declaration letter and Manifest. You may be required to provide 3 copies of invoice. Please ensure collecting a counter signed Manifest from the personnel after submitting your consignments.

Step 5 – Item will be scanned and weighed at the LP branch and this information will be updated to your My PaisaPay account the following morning. Sellers will no longer be required to manually enter the AWB number in their account.

Step 6 – The consignment will be scanned using the barcoded AWB number and dispatched. The order will be moved to ‘PowerShip Shipped’ Status on My PaisaPay. Buyers will receive an SMS indicating that the item is shipped.

Step 7 – Consignment tracking will be automatically updated on eBay until Delivery. Upon Delivery and after further checks, remittance will be released to you. Sellers under ER will receive their remittance after the item is picked up and scanned.

With this launch, COD will be a part of the PowerShip program. Only those sellers enabled for PowerShip will be able to offer COD in their listings.

Click here to view the Rate Card.

PowerShip – FAQs

I am in! How can I be a part of the PowerShip program?
To join the program, you need to submit a sign-up request through your eBay account and accept the PowerShip Terms and Conditions. You will receive a notification once you have been enabled for PowerShip.

Once you are enabled, you may choose edit your listings for shipping charges or offer COD as an additional model of payment to your buyers.
Do I need to inform LP about pickups? How are pickups organized?
LP will be automatically assigned during the checkout process. You will be able to see the Order information along with the name of the LP in your My PaisaPay. When you are ready to ship the item, all you need to do is mark it as Ready to Ship and print Shipping Label and Order statement. The LP personnel will come to receive the consignment on same or following day.

All PowerShip items should be packed in packing material provided by eBay and submitted along with the required documents.
What if no one comes for item pickup?
Depending on the pickup schedule, the Logistic Service Provider personnel will come to receive the shipment within same or following working day. Logistic Service Providers's work from Monday to Saturday (excluding Holidays).

If there is no pick up, please contact our Customer Service team through Phone, Live Chat (http://ebay.in/customersupport) or drop an email to inlogistics@ebay.com.
My items have been picked up but it does not show up in the system?
It may take upto 6-8 hours after the item has been picked up for the tracking to be available on the respective Logistics Partner’s website. If it continues to be unavailable, please contact our Customer Service team through Phone, Live Chat (http://ebay.in/customersupport) or drop an email to inlogistics@ebay.com.
How can I ship two items in an order together?
If there are multiple items you wish to ship to the same buyer, please check if the buyer has combined the items during the checkout on eBay.in. However if the item was paid for separately, you will have to ship them separately and attach the correct Order Statement and Shipping labels along with other essential documents as indicated.

You can ship multiple items in a single package if they have been purchased by the same buyer and assigned to the same courier. To do so, combine multiple orders by selecting items purchased under the same PaisaPay ID on the Transaction Details Page. Print a single Order Statement and Shipping Label for them. If the mode of shipment for the items are different (for instance: cargo and air), you will not be able to combine the orders in a single package.
How can I ship two items in an order separately?
Items sold under the same PaisaPay ID (Single Checkout for Multiple Items) can be shipped separately by selecting individual items and consequently printing shipping documents for each item separately. Also, distinct AWB numbers will be assigned for each item.
What do I do if the buyer contacts me regarding the status of his shipment?
If the buyer has a question about the status of the shipment, you may request him to refer to the Shipping status available on the respective LP tracking website. If the buyer has a question or concern about the delay, you may suggest him to contact eBay Customer Service or contact us with the question.
When will I get my money?
Sellers under Express Remittance, will be eligible to receive their remittance once the pickup status has been confirmed by the Logistics Partner. In case of Non ER sellers, the transaction will be eligible for remittance once the Deliver status has been confirmed by the Logistics’s partner.
What if the package is returned damaged?
If the package has been returned by the Logistics Partner, please check for any visible damage or signs of it being unsealed or opened before you receive it.

If the package received is in damaged state or with something missing, take a picture of what you have received and immediately contact eBay Customer Service team for assistance.
What happens if the package is lost in transit?
All ‘Item lost in transit’ issues will be investigated by the assigned LP and eBay. In case the item is lost, eBay will cover you for item value post investigation within a period of 7-10 working days.
What do I do if the weight I am being billed for is wrong?
Shipping charges for each transaction will be visible within My PaisaPay. Shipping charges are added to your account basis the weight confirmed by the Logistics partner after the item has been picked up and scanned. For any reason if you think you have been overcharged or charged incorrectly, please contact our Customer Service team immediately.
What Courier companies are we launching with?
  • FedEx
  • BlueDart
  • DTDC
  • Aramex
Are all Categories covering in PS?
Categories like GEB, Furniture, Charity, Real Estate etc will not be enabled for PowerShip.
Can a PowerShip enrolled seller use his own tie ups?
All PowerShip orders will be serviced by pre-allocated Logistics Provider. In case the order cannot be serviced by any of partnered LPs (FedEx, BlueDart, DTDC & Aramex), then the seller can arrange to ship the item via his own tie up.

Also orders that cannot be serviced through PowerShip will be automatically moved to non PowerShip. We are also pleased to inform that we will service up to 10800 PIN codes. If the pin code is not part of the serviceable list or the category happens to be blocked for PowerShip, it will be a non PowerShip order.
Is Surface mode enabled in PS?
Yes, only for select few categories like LED, Washing Machines, etc. View the list here.
What will happen to COD Sellers?
COD Sellers will be offered to Sign up for PowerShip. Those enabled will be able to offer PowerShip and COD.
What is the Launch Plan?
We will turn on COD with BlueDart on 6th June and launch pre-paid on June 11th 2012 with certain number of Sellers. PowerShip will be available for more sellers gradually over next few weeks.
What are the Regulatory requirements for shipments done through Logistic Service Providers available under PowerShip?
Sellers are obligated to comply with the regulatory requirements of the state / location of buyer. To review the list of requirements, follow the links given below
What the items that cannot be shipped via Logistic Service Providers available under PowerShip?
To view the list of items that cannot be shipped through Logistics Partners available under PowerShip, please refer to the below links:

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